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About Me

Hi, I am  Allison, the lead floral designer here at Gentle Events. I'm so happy you stopped by!


I am passionate about, and dedicated to creating lush floral designs, and offering the ultimate experience for my clients and their guests. I get an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when our clients express satisfaction or excitement about a floral piece, or room we have designed.

I hold a Bachelor's in Business Management, a Masters in Health Management, and a Masters in Urban Education with a concentration in special education. Although I have a love for teaching and management, my true passion is floral designing.

A few things about me :

1. My favorite flower is the  phalaenopsis orchid, as they  represent love, luxury, beauty and strength.

2. I believe in "service" . Giving back to my community allows me the opportunity to help build better lives and stronger communities.  At                        we re-purpose flowers from weddings and events to bring smiles to people in nursing homes, hospices, cancer treatment centers and shelters. At                                                      we assist the homeless and less fortunate,who are in need of food, hygiene products, and basic necessities. A portion of our sales is donated to this cause.

3. I love family cruises (especially in the Caribbean).

4.  I am Jamaican born and raised.

5. I enjoy baking desserts.. When I get the time! 

Above all, I am a proud wife, and mother of 3, who keep my hands and heart full , and who constantly encourage and motivate me to produce extraordinary events. 

Take a look at my collections, and let the magic begin!

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